We began The Amelia Appeal with a very personal appeal for Amelia and her family. Our current mission as a non-profit organization is to provide support, both financial and informational, to families uniquely burdened by the care of a child with cancer.

The news that your child has a malignant tumor is overwhelming enough. The difficult road that follows is multi-faceted, but typically financially devastating. For many, it means the immediate loss of at least one parent's income. Mortgage or rent payments, insurance premiums and utility bills are suddenly huge hurdles. The costs of non-covered medical expenses, daily co-payments, transportation and other bills mount quickly. Financial assistance allows the family to focus on the child’s treatment and recovery and on the many new needs of the family.

Since Amelia's diagnosis of Medulloblastoma in October of 2006, we have come to know many children and their families whose lives have been derailed by pediatric cancer. As we went from the news of Amelia's tumor to her surgeries, radiation treatment, chemotherapy and to intermittant recoveries, we learned firsthand the many challenges that children with cancer and their families must face. At the start of 2009, after nearly a year with the belief that Amelia had come away from that extensive treatment cancer free, we were told the devastating news that her disease has relapsed.

As we faced another long fight with strenuous and more demanding tests, we took comfort that we were not alone. We are profoundly grateful to the children and families who have fought before us, to the doctors, researchers and medical staffs who dedicate their lives to finding a cure and caring for children with cancer, to our friends and family who help us everyday with their support and encouragement, and to the many organizations that raise funds and awareness. From them and from the brave little heroes that we meet everyday, we have learned the true meaning of the word "hope" and we have seen the profound affects that hope can have.

Throughout this website, with fundraising activities and events, and in Ralphy's amazing book, we share Amelia's personal journey, a journey that has redefined our lives. Included are the names and links of organizations and institutions whose uplifting and educational works have helped so many along the way. We hope that you find Amelia's story of courage and coping both informative and inspiring.

Your support is so deeply appreciated.

Here's how you can help.